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Our goal and expectation at Placement Counselors Corporation is to guide and help narrow the search based on the client’s physical, emotional, clinical, financial and geographical needs.

Our Counselors are professionals with diverse levels of education and experience in the health care field. We tap into our Counselor’s education and experience to identify the right resources to address your needs. PCC networks on an on-going basis with Doctors, Attorneys, Social Workers, Real Estate Agents and many other professionals. Together, we are able to assist in placing people in alternative housing.

Each client is reviewed and assessed prior to placement by a Geriatric Specialist. This is one of the few Placement Agencies that is owned and operated by a Geriatric Specialist in the industry. PCC not only provides names and phone numbers of appropriate facilities, but assists and accompanies the family throughout the entire placement process.

Representing over 500 licensed facilities in the tri-county area (Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) in Southeast Florida, the client has the freedom to select the facility that is most appropriate for them or their loved one.

Our Counselors specialize in a specific area in South Florida. You will be directed to the correct counselor that knows your desired area of search and will not just be guessing or recommending a facility from a list or a directory.

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